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04-05-2013, 17:54 | Michael We.


MAGNETICA ARS LAB und MAURIZIO BIANCHI zusammen in einem ambitionierten Projekt auf FINAL MUZIK. Hier der Labeltext:


+ booklet in slim DVD box – limited to 300 copies.

MAGNETICA ARS LAB is the musical project founded in Cagliari (Italy) by Arnaldo Pontis, computer specialist and electronic musician, active for a long time in the electronic experimentation and sound. He was a member of TH26, Machina Amniotica and many other musical projects.

“LoopKlänge Noise” is the magnificent result of his collaboration with the father, founder and precursor of industrial sound in Italy: MAURIZIO BIANCHI / M.B.

Subtitled “Verses Without Words” and inspired by the work of Vasilij Kandinskij and by his theories about necessary contamination between visual art and music, “LoopKlängeNoise” quotes two of the most important books from the author's abstract expressionist years: “Klänge” (München, 1912) and “Verses Without Words” (Moscow, 1903).

Following the original structure of the book “Verses Without Words” the artists recorded 13 double-titled tracks, in which the “second title” is an hommage to Kandinskij's 13 pictorial works originally included in this book.

Magnetica Ars Lab and Maurizio Bianchi invited some of the best projects from Sardinia's and few important artists from Italian electronic, experimental and industria music scenes. “LoopKlänge Noise” is the result of a great collaboration release featuring exclusive guest artists / musicians on each track: Fausto Rossi / FAUST'O, SIMON BALESTRAZZI (T.A.C.), CORRADO ALTIERI (Uncodified, Monosonik, Th26), RAIMONDO GAVIANO (Svart1), MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA, NICOLA BOARI (SLP), NICOLA LOCCI (Exagonal), MASSIMO OLLA (Noisedelik), ALEX NASI (Colonel XS), ROBERTO BELLI (Brigata Stirner), Kaiser Schnitt Amboss Laszlo and more.

The CD is available in a limited edition of 300 copie in slim DVD box, + a 16-page booklet with info and great photos by FABRIZIO TEDDE. All (unpublished) photos were taken by Fabrizio from industrial mining areas of the Sulcis region in Sardinia.

The booklet includes also few excerpts from writings and quotes by John Cage, Klaus Schulze, Wu Ming, William S. Burroughs, Jean Baudrillard, Luigi Russolo and more.

"We fought for painting, but painting alone will not suffice. I had the idea of a synthetic book that removed half of the old, narrow conceptions, breaking down the walls between the arts.... and finally prove that the problem of art is not a problem of form but a problem of spiritual content." Kandinskij

Price: € 10,00 + postage - info / orders: finalmuzik@libero.it

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