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13-03-2013, 21:20 | Michael We.

2x neu auf MINIMALWAVE

Neuigkeiten auf MINIMAL WAVE:

MW042 Sandra Plays Electronics - Her Needs 7"
Minimal Wave is very honored to announce a 7" release of primitive D.I.Y. electronics by Sandra Plays Electronics a project founded by Karl O'Connor (Regis) whilst he was a teenager living in Birmingham, England in the 1980s. O'Connor, mostly known for his pioneering work in the techno field (as Regis, Sandwell District, British Murder Boys, Ugandan Methods and various other entities) as well as his Downwards label, began playing and recording his own music when was 16 years old. He collaborated with friends performing in short-lived bands such as Family Sex and also recorded on his own as Sandra Plays Electronics. He was heavily influenced by D.A.F., Liaisons Dangereuses, Cabaret Voltaire and Soft Cell, to name a few, and would eventually collaborate with Robert Görl and also Chrislo Haas in the late 90s. The tracks we are presenting here are two versions of the same song, "Her Needs", both recorded in Birmingham, England. The first was recorded in 1988 during soundcheck at the College of Food And Domestic Arts and the second was recorded in 1999 (from the Man Has Responsibilities session) at the Ice House. Pressed on heavy weight 70 gram ultra clear vinyl, the 7” is housed in a matte double sided printed fold-over sleeve. Limited to 999 hand-numbered copies.

MW010 Das Kabinette - Spy Thriller LP (2nd Edition)
Due to popular demand, we have decided to do a limited repress of our tenth release by Blackpool band Das Kabinette. They were known mainly for their underground hit The Cabinet, which was originally released as a 7” single in 1983, and in 2010 appeared on V/A The Minimal Wave Tapes : Volume 1. The song is inspired by the 1920 classic silent horror film The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, a highly influential film of the German expressionistic era. The film is themed around: the madness of society, the inner workings of the human mind and the paranoia of a country in the aftermath of a war. Fascinated and inspired by both the themes and visuals of the film, Das Kabinette wrote the song The Cabinet during their second visit to the studio in 1983, and self-released it later that year on their own Klosette Records label. They also created a primitive video whilst at art college, to go along with the song. “The Cabinet” was aired on BBC Radio 1 on several occasions and was a solid underground hit. Unfortunately the band dissolved several years later. We made contact with them in 2007 and aside from remastering the 7” single tracks, culled together a collection of unreleased studio tracks. Those were then released in January 2008 as Spy Thriller. The record sold out quickly soon after. Finally, we present to you a repress of Spy Thriller on 180 gram ultra clear vinyl, limited to 999 hand numbered copies complete with a heavy weight die-cut matte jacket, with a printed inner sleeve which shows through the window. Lyrics included on the innersleeve.

MW044 The Actor - Unreal Personality Flexi
MW045 Polyphonic Size - TBA LP
MW046 Five Times Of Dust - TBA 2LP
MW047 The Fast Set - TBA LP
MW048 Minimal Wave - T-Shirts (late March)
MW049 Daily Fauli - Faulit Til Dauli (Special 30th Anniversary Edition) LP
MW050 V/A - TBA LP
CITI009 The KVB - Immaterial Visions Remixes EP featuring Regis, Silent Servant, In Aeternam Vale, Shifted, + Worn(April)
CITI010 Facit - TBA EP

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