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11-02-2013, 12:17 | Michael We.

Neue OCCULTO-Ausgabe im Sommer

Das OCCULTO-Magazin, ein Hardcover-Buch, welches sich im allerweitesten Sinne mit okkulten Phänomenen befasst, wird jetzt regelmäßig erscheinen. Die nächste Ausgabe ist für Juni angekündigt. Hier die Information der Macher:

Dear readers, contributors, friends and colleagues,

We're happy to announce that Occulto Issue e will be released in June 2013.

Expect some big changes: this time Occulto will have a ISSN, it will become a biannual publication and will cost only 12 Euros.

Many good things will stay the same though: the third issue of Occulto will be as usual thick, dense, colourful and glossy, it will continue the collaboration with the music label Boring Machines and it will keep on expanding and improving its special way to approach science popularization in connections with other fields of knowledge.

Pre-sales are already open, ad pages are available, free donations are possible - and of course welcome.
You'll find more information and Paypal buttons on Occulto website: http://www.occultomagazine.com

Please feel free to get in touch for any further question, comment or critic.
The metamorphosis of Occulto has started and we'd be more than glad to count you in.

Thanks for your past and future support!

Alice Cannava

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