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09-02-2013, 16:17 | Michael We.

THE VISION BLEAK: neues Album und Tour

Hier die aktuelle Info von PROPHECY:

The Vision Bleak / Saturnus / Dordeduh
Joint European tour in autumn 2013

Joint European tour in autumn 2013

In the fall of 2013, The Vision Bleak are going to release their fifth studio album (so far untitled), which will continue the story of their success as marked by entries into the German charts ("The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey": #93, "Set Sail To Mystery": #65) and a long title story in Legacy magazine amongst others. The new songs, comprising a concept album on witches, will cement their status as masters of Horror Metal and see them on tour for the first time since 2010, haunting club stages throughout Europe from September 27 to October 6. Special guests Saturnus and Dordeduh will support them and open the concerts in turn.

Saturnus are one of the most prominent bands in the field of melodic Death/Doom Metal and have drawn great praise for their current release "Saturn In Ascension" from fans and critics alike (e.g. album of the month in German Metal Hammer). On stage, these Danes are known for dramatic performances of highest intensity.

Dordeduh, the current main outlet of Negura Bunget's former masterminds, have set a milestone in spiritual (Folk) Black Metal with their September 2012 debut "Dar De Duh". Those attending their European tour last year have already experienced the magical ambience these Romanians create during their shows, highly energetic and rife with charisma every evening.

Booking for the tour has not been completed yet. Concert organizers can still get in touch via liveNOSPAM@prophecy.de.

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