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08-02-2013, 10:14 | Michael We.


Hier der Wortlaut des deutschen Labels zu zwei neuen VÖs...

no festival of light. tautologia. cd. raubbau raub-015

tracklisting: 1. tauto, 2. logia
cd gatefold sleeve - heavy white cardboard with grey print
upc 821272309024. release date: 15february2k13

tautology it is not just a word that was chosen to fit the new cd by no festival of light. it is a well chosen term, meaning an 'always valid, universal unconditioned truth' when used within logic. within linguistics tautology refers to 'a series of self-reinforcing statements that cannot be disproved because they depend on the assumption that they are already correct'. in conclusion: the album 'tautologia' by no festival of light is about the truth, not about the possibility whether you can handle it or not.
fredrik bergström is a name which - if you didn't know it already - you will never forget from this moment on. his solo projects include n.f.o.l. as well as p/d(b) and as a member he has been recording / performing with deutsch nepal, mortiis, ordo rosarius equilibrio, sator absentia, second skin and tarmvred. this broad variation of music activities are part of the origin of fredrik's search for truth and the sound and complexity of 'tautologia' is a logical as well as truthful reflection of this quest.
two longer soundscapes entitled 'tauto' and 'logia' define the framework for what can only be defined as the truth. preconditions include, but are not limited to field-recordings, analog sequences, voices, minimal rhythms, recorded atmospheres and imaginable emotions.
raubbau is very proud to present the first full release by no festival of light since 2001. and we can say in all sincerity that waiting twelve years was worth it: every second!

  • tautologia. cd. raubbau raub-015. 2013
  • if god lived on earth, we would break his windows. cd. fluttering dragon. 2001
  • officina gentium vagina nationum. cd. functional organisation. 2000
  • g.f. "t.1" (v.2.0). tape. slaughter productions. 1998
  • enter to the realm of satan. cd. the releasing eskimo. 1998
  • documents of neural assault - part III (w/ a swarm of locusts). 7inch. stateart. 1997
  • ett figurklippt träd. stenpelare stod pa underliga... (w/ pwcca demogorgon). tape. not on label. 1995
  • virtue of selfishness. tape. slaughter productions. 1995
  • divide et impera. tape. abyss records. 1994
atrabilis sunrise. perverse liturgy. cd. raubbau raub-016

tracklisting: 1. hombre sin nombre, 2. done with the outer world, 3. shamanic death, 4. we until we fall, 5. lost powers of imbalance, 6. perverse liturgy, 7. great works of depression, 8. holy bile
upc 821272306627. artwork by salt. release date: 08.february.2013

“imagine yourself outside in your favorite place in nature.” - atrabilis sunrise invites us again to get our brains twisted with the next strike. “perverse liturgy” continues the bad trip across raw and dark soundscapes that nobody makes more enjoyable than padre p.c. this record runs like a freight train through your ears. loaded with dark drones, maniac vocals and all the rough industrial patterns we were longing for since the last release. never too fast, never too slow, the tracks vary between soothing dark ambient spiced with noisy sampling and distortion to straight-forward industrial beats. the echoing vocals, distant or more pronounced, perfectly match this madness. looking back on almost ten years of continuing success in this genre, the master of acid death industrial truly knows his trade: he serves us with 8 pieces making up almost an hour for us walking at the edge of sanity.

  • perverse liturgy. cd / tape, album. p.c.m. / raubbau. 2012 / 2013
  • pillgrimage. cd / tape, album. p.c.m. / raubbau. 2009 / 2010
  • snoezelen room larks. cdr, album, re. 3patttes. 2008
  • snoezelen room larks. cdr, album. p.c.m.. 2006
  • sex, drugs, and christian pride (worst case scenario). cdr, album. p.c.m.. 2006
  • cada solemne. dvdr. p.c.m.. 2004
  • altered alternative (boredom level). cdr. deserted factory. 2004
  • santo pae. cdr, mini. p.c.m.. 2003
  • aesthetics of self-destruction. cdr, mini / 7", white. p.c.m. / formosan rec.. 2003
  • a child's dream of death. cdr, mini. p.c.m.. 2003
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