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19-12-2012, 20:29 | Michael We.

DAVID TIBET-Buch mit allen Texten

Im März 2013 veröffentlicht DAVID TIBET das lange geplante Buch mit seinen Lyrics, außerdem startet im kommenden Januar seine neue Homepage. Hier sein persönlicher Text an die Fans mit allen Informationen:


As promised on the last update, here are more details of the long-awaited, and long-paid for, book of my lyrics, Under The Rain And Teeth Of Gods (Sing Omega). Firstly, my thanks and deep gratitude to all of you who paid so long ago for this book and have waited so patiently for it. This book was originally announced on March 17, 2004. I never dreamed it would take so long—and neither, I am sure, did anyone reading this update now. Several people have written to us about the fact that they have changed address since they ordered the book. Please don’t be concerned; we will be ensuring that we have everyone’s current address before mailing the book.

The benefit of such a long wait is that the book is considerably bigger than it would have been if it had been published in 2004. Then it would have ended with Black Ships Ate The Sky. Now, it will finish with “Jhonn,” Uttered Babylon and will also include Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain, Baalstorm, Sing Omega and HoneySuckle Æons, as well as notes and unfinished lyrics I have written since 2004 in addition to earlier notes and unpublished texts that were originally in the volume. 

There are two different editions of the volume, originally described as "Edition One: Small Paper Edition" and "Edition Two: Large Paper Edition with 1 piece of original artwork by David Tibet, limited to 39 signed and numbered copies”. Over the years there have been some changes to the design, naturally. Amongst them is the fact that the limited Edition Two is now less likely to be a large-paper edition, as originally described, but will differ to Edition One in a more beautiful and surprising way. Those who ordered and paid for the book so long ago will still, of course, get the free CD that was to come with pre-orders.

The book will be a hardback cloth-bound book with blocked boards and spine and head- and tail-bands and a book ribbon. The page size was originally to be 175 x 115mm (approximately 7" x 4 ½") but this may change slightly, depending on my final decision on the lay-out of the texts. Both books have a photographic frontispiece of the author printed on art paper. The photograph of the author in Edition One is different to the one in Edition Two, as are the artwork on the printed endpapers, the colour of the book ribbon, the colour of the head- and tail-bands, and the blocked images on the boards. Both books have printed endpapers with reproductions of artwork/calligraphy by Tibet. 

I had hoped to add the cover for the book in this update, but I am still working on it. The book itself was £40 in 2004, and will now, when added to the shop in a couple of months, be £50. The limited edition was £300; all of the copies sold out originally, but there may be one or two more available due to cancellations of original orders.

This book will be exclusively available from DavidTibet.com after its publication on March 5, 2013.

Attached are images of some of the holograph facsimiles to be included in the book. Included are the original lyrics for “Sleep Has His House”, parts of “Immortal Bird”, “Baalstorm! Baalstorm!” and “I Dance Narcoleptic”, as well some unrecorded and unpublished texts and a drawing


Simultaneous with the publication of I AROSE AS ALEPH, THE SPELLER, THE KILLER on January 1, 2013, is the launch of my new website, DavidTibet.com, which will be the primary website concerned with my artwork – both originals and prints of my work, as well as an online portfolio of (hopefully) all my graphic art to date – and books I am publishing, both by myself and others. Although on its launch it will only feature the two editions of I AROSE AS ALEPH, THE SPELLER, THE KILLER and the associated print, eventually it will also expand to take in other areas of my activities and interests. The next item on it will be the two editions of my Collected Lyrics. Connected to DavidTibet.com is also an online shop. All items will be posted by us; the site and shop is not connected to State51/Greedbag who continue, however, to be the source for my recorded work and other items they already offer connected to me and my various labels and imprints.

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