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21-11-2012, 19:15 | Michael We.

Zwei neue Sampler auf PRIKOSNOV╔NIE

Zwei neue Sampler auf PRIKOSNOVÉNIE, hier der Info-Text des Labels:

Dear friends

We are proud to announce our 2 last releases for 2012

A fantastic book CD (french, english, gaelic) for all fans of Loreena Mc Kennint, Alizbar, Caprice etc... called OLD CELTIC AND NORDIC BALLADS. It deals with songs inspired by faeries of north Europa.

Take a listen (samples) and a look ( a video) here

We have also released the part 4 of our lullaby CD-Book series. It's called GRAINES DE BERCEUSES with unreleased track of Ashram, Caprice, Hexperos, Alizbar etc...

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