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03-09-2012, 21:11 | Michael We.

Neues Reissue-Label unter SLOOW TAPES

BART von SLOOW TAPES hat mit einem Freund zusammen ein Reissue-Label gegründet und kündigt auch gleich die erste Veröffentlichung an. Hier der Originaltext:

hey all

together with my pal willem at funeral folk i started a new reissue label called papaaver records
we now have our first release ready: ARCHAIA
let us know if we need to hook you up with a copy of this mighty beast, we know you do, or check with your local cosmic dealer

Papaaver Records is proud to present the first vinyl reissue of this privately pressed hard to find sinister zeuhl masterpiece that ended up on the Nurse With Wound list. Michel Munier and Pierrick Le Bras formed Archaïa in 1976 and recorded this album – their sole effort – one year later. Although influenced by bands like Heldon, Archanoid and of course Magma, their music is unique and not easy to categorise. A dark and brooding mixture of eerie synth and bass rhythms, occult lyrics, percussion, phased fuzz guitar, serene – almost medieval – chanting and a bunch of effects. Everything is here, from free-form drones and weird freak-outs to epic and cosmic songs. Completely remastered from the original tapes by the band themselves, this reissue reproduces the sound of the original vinyl, unlike the cd reissue that was released in the mid nineties which added different mixes. Limited to 500 copies on 180gr vinyl, includes insert with French liner notes.

16 euro (incl VAT) + shipping

Labelseite: http://papaaverrecords.wordpress.com/


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