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17-06-2012, 14:13 | Michael We.

FINAL MUZIK setzt 80er-Serie fort (M.B. u.a.)

FINAL MUZIK setzt seine 80er-Re-Release-Serie fort und stellt zwei neue Veröffentlichungen vor. Hier die Infos aus dem Newsletter:

M.B. "I.B.M." CD (cat. FME3)
NO WORDS NEEDED!!!! A true experimental music classic by Maurizio Bianchi, originally released as private cassette in early 80's and then later bootleged on tape. This is the very first official re-release on CD of this incredible sound-material!!! This is the most intense M.B.: raw and experimental! Released on 1:1 high quality new generation CDr -> same quality and 99% same 'look' of a glass mastered CD. Digislim package. 350 copies.
ORDERS ACCEPTED NOW - write now for details.
ATTENTION: Special prices for very first 50 orders! WRITE NOW: less than 200 copies for sale!  € 8,00 + postage!
M.B. “I.B.M.” (excerpt) on youtube

PSYCHE "The Influence" CD (cat. FME4)
New, limited edition reissue of this superb electro-darkwave 80's milestone including all remastered tracks + bonus songs (including an “Immortality Mix” of “Goodbye Horses” anthem). 23rd anniversary edition, including gems like “Misery”, “Haunted”, “The Sundial”, “Illusion” and MORE - info: http://www.finalmuzik.com/news.html
Special price (limited time) for our mailing list customers: € 9,90+postage – write for details
Some songs form “The Infulence”  on youtube
“Goodbye Horses (Immortality Mix)”

still available from our Eighties serie:
MORTIFICATION TO THE FLESH "Le Trésor Maudit" CD (cat. FME1) € 10,00+postage
NOSTALGIE ÉTERNELLE "Notre Début" CD (cat. FME2) € 10,00+postage

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