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04-05-2012, 11:05 | Michael We.

3x neu auf TUT / RUR, u.a. NOVY SVET

Aus dem Label-Newsletter:

(rur025 / NP02)

10”, black vinyl + texts in French on silver-printed black cardboard inlays
special fold-out sleeve, available in twelve different cover versions – total edition of +/- 200 copies

More than just a record, “Restes d’une chose brisée” is the outcome of an intimate collaboration between music and writing. Based on a series of thirteen short texts by young French writer JEANNE MONTSÉGUR, this symbiotic work unfolds like a Dantesque journey. On each step of the way NATURE MORTE’s abyssal drones echo the desperate intensity and ruthless honesty of Jeanne’s words, opening her wounds to chasms, sustaining the inner conflict and the baring of feelings by an almost unbearable tension which, when it finally breaks, strikes the listener as surely as the incisiveness of her words. At the end of the voyage there is hope, seeping between the lines and through the grooves as the drones recede and give way to luminous reeds, leaving the reader-listener shaken, colder and gloomier than before, but maybe a little wiser too.

“Restes d’une chose brisée” is a collaboration between REUE UM REUE and LA NEBULEUSE POURPRE.


C60 professionally duplicated audio cassette, silk-screened white shell, with 2-flap inlay
ltd. Hand-numbered edition of 100 copies

RuR gets on with the exploration of the NOVY SVET archives, choosing this time to delve into an almost completely uncharted part of the band’s musical territory, merely glimpsed here and there in such releases as the “Nachtfang” split: the ambient and experimental works. This is the first of three volumes, presenting a selection of sleep-walking glitched driftscapes, between APHEX TWIN’s flickering minimalism, COIL’s intuitive muzak and BASINSKI’s “disintegration ambient”…. And always with this bohemian je ne sais quoi which makes NOVY SVET’s music, in all its forms and disguises, unique. Cover art by French painter Pierre Citron.

“INFLUENCES ERRANTES – A Metampsychotic Séance”

C50 professionally duplicated audio cassette, black shell, with 1-flap inlay
Comes in 4 different artworks
total edition of 80 hand-numbered copies

When a person dies they leave behind not only the physical shell but also the most inferior elements of their unconscious. After their disintegration those elements will drift aimlessly and sometimes come into contact with the sensible domain by the intermediary of a living organism – that of a medium, for example. RuR invites you to a musical séance with guest mediums NIEDOWIERZANIE and STAUB, conjuring up and banning on tape some of the sinister traces of the dead lurking all around us. Departing from the Mediterranea of the latest album, NIEDOWIERZANIE appears here at its very darkest, delivering three pieces of nerve-racking spectral ambient, opening doors that should have remained locked forever. On side B, British one-woman chthonic drone project STAUB starts with eerie yet luminous and almost angelic soundscapes, which insidiously ensnare your mind and turn into a nightmarish medusian labyrinth of seething shadows. Ectoplasmic ambient at its best!

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