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01-05-2012, 18:16 | Michael We.

DAVID TIBET heiratet

Aus der Serie 'Ego-Nachrichten rund um DAVID TIBET' hat der C93-Kopf eine neue per Newsletter verbreitet, und zwar seine Hochzeit im August:

David Tibet and Jessica Chappell to marry in August 2012

I and Jessica Chappell, my fiancée, are OverMoon to announce that we are getting married in August 2012, in England. We first met at C93’s two London shows at the Forum in February 2010, and became very close very quickly. By February 2012, just before the small C93 tour of Europe, we were seriously discussing getting married. Unbeknown to Jessica, I had already commissioned my friend, the remarkable Amy Phillips (website • Facebook), to make an engagement ring for Jessica using red gold, platinum and moonstones, with Coptic text specific to us engraved on the inside and outside. Going down on one knee, I proposed to her on 8 April in Berlin at a Spanish restaurant called Vivolo at Am Zwirngraben 11–12. We were staying at the Park Inn in Alexanderplatz and wandered around looking for somewhere to eat and chanced on Vivolo. It was the ni ght before C93 played the Volksbühne; I had considered proposing to her from the stage, but the rest of C93 thought it might be a little strong. However, I did announce we were engaged from the stage, jumped off it and ran to her seat on the front row, kissed her and then went back to carry on with the concert. I dedicated “Not Becuse the Fox Barks” to her on that night and the remaining nights of the tour as my now-fiancée. I want to thank all of those who have sent such kind messages to me and her when we announced our engaged status on our respective Facebook sites. We are both so moved and joyous.

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