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01-03-2012, 09:29 | Michael We.

4x CYCLIC LAW, u.a. die neue ARCANA-Maxi

4 neue VÖs auf CYCLIC LAW:

ARCANA “Emerald” MCD (45th Cycle)
It’s with great honor that present brand new material from Sweden’s most revered Ethereal / Neo Classical act, Arcana. Brainchild of Peter Bjärgö, this now legendary formation is back with a new release after 4 years of silence since their last full length album, Raspail. While 2010 saw the re-release of their first 4 albums with “The First Era” 4CD boxset, commemorating the early days of the band, we are now offered a superb follow up the their long tradition of awe filled melancholic melodies. With it’s undeniable signature sound, Peter’s years of experience as a composer and the gifted musicians and vocalists surrounding him simply shine through on these 3 new tracks. Long time fans will simply rejoice in these mesmerizing songs and new fans will in turn surely be conquered by these. This Mini CD also serves as a prelude to their upcoming full length album “As Bright As A Thousand Suns”, scheduled for a May 2012 release on Cyclic Law.
Edition of 1000 copies in 4 panel eco pack. 3 Tracks. Running Time 13:33

THE FLOATING WORLD “The Apparition” CD (44th Cycle)
The Floating World is the solo project of Amanda Votta. Begun in 2005, three albums have been released so far; Full Sturgeon Moon (Hand/Eye 2005), Unda (Barl Fire 2005) and River of Flowers (Foxglove 2006), appearing as well on a few compilations. Amanda has also collaborated with Gustaf Hildebrand in Lacus Somniorum, as well as with Far Black Furlong and New Risen Throne. She also has a band, Secrets to the Sea, with Neddal Ayad from Desolation Singers. The Apparition is Amanda Votta’s attempt to capture that moment when things are other than what they appear to be, when a sound is not just a sound, a voice not just a voice. The liminality of certain places, things, sounds, people, experiences, apparitions in their own right as they are neither here nor there, serves as inspiration for our endeavor to reach for that which we cannot see. Just as it was the sound of Iokanaan’s voice that transfixed Salome, the sound and the words, we have blended sound and words to mimic that experience. The Apparition takes its name from the painting by Gustav Moreau depicting the apparition of Iokanaan appearing before Salome, a vision only she sees, that exists in a space between that which we see and that which cannot be seen. On this album Amanda is joined by Neddal Ayad (Desolation Singers/Great Attractor), Timothy Renner (Stone Breath) and Nicole Votta. Drifting, minimalistic ambiances are overlaid by The Floating World's signature flutes, combining to weave soundscapes that are as dreamlike as they are melancholic.
Edition of 600 copies in 6 panel digipack. 7 Tracks. Running Time 43:01

PETER BJÄRGÖ & GUSTAF HILDEBRAND "Out Of The Darkling Light, Into The Bright Shadow" CD (43rd Cycle)
Previously released in 2006 as a strictly limited edition on Bjärgö’s own label, Erebus Odora, “Out Of The Darkling Light, Into The Bright Shadow” now receives a worthy re-release treatment. Peter Bjärgö and Gustaf Hildebrand collaborate on an album that marks a significant departure in style for both parties. Abstract electronic beats and rhythms collide with occultism and brooding ambiances to conjure up images of secret societies, locked away in candle lit chambers below street level, performing rituals the outside world is blissfully unaware of. A unique fusion of ambient, ritual and electronic elements, it offers a glimpse into a world just out of reach, a world where the state religion was penned by Aleister Crowley and where esoteric symbols have the power to influence both mind and body. Features a previously unreleased bonus track.
Edition of 600 copies in 4 panel digipack. 10 Tracks. Running Time 53:31

GUSTAF HILDEBRAND "Heliopause" CD (42nd Cycle)
Finally we are graced with brand new material from Sweden's Gustaf Hildebrand, a few years after the epic Primordial Resonance album and his joint project with Amanda Votta, Lacus Somniorum. The Heliopause, the point outside our solar system where the solar wind ceases to be, transitioning into what is known as the Interstellar Medium and where our sun becomes just another pinprick of light amongst a billion others. If you were to find yourself stranded in such a place with nothing but a radio receiver, Gustaf Hildebrand imagines that this is what you would hear, low rumbling soundscapes interspersed with bursts of static, com-chatter and signal interceptions from a distant world. Vestiges of humanity bubble up from the ether, speaking encoded messages in the form of numerical combinations and long-forgotten cyphers, their true meanings lost or hidden away inside the memory banks of decommissioned satellites. This new chapter in Hildebrand’s discography reaffirm’s his position as a true visionary and unique craftsman of exploratory sonorities.
Edition of 800 copies in 6 panel digipack. 9 Tracks. Running Time 52:23

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