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22-02-2012, 18:22 | Michael We.

Video zu aktuellem SIEBEN-Song (hier zu sehen!)

Der portugiesische Filmemacher JOÃO PAULO SIMÕES hat ein Video zu "He Can Delve In Hearts" vom aktuellen SIEBEN-Album (NONPOP-Besprechung) gedreht (Video siehe unten!). Dazu schreibt er an alle Fans:

"This (...) is the result of an ongoing creative collaboration that I am honoured to have with Matt Howden and his music project Sieben. Something that we established in 2006 with the production of the feature-length film Antlers of Reason and the DVD that accompanied his album High Broad Field.

Once more, this film has certainly benefited from the symbiotic process that always happens when my imagery meets his music, but also from Matt's absolute trust in my vision - giving me complete free rein to explore and express my ideas.

(...) I am personally very pleased with how the actual production went and proud that, despite the usual compromises, I managed to retain the film's essence intact.

This is a piece of half-glimpsed narratives, of wounded characters trapped in a house. In a time loop of sorrow and obsession..."

Read in full here: http://frontiermedia.blogspot.com/

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