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05-02-2012, 06:00 | Michael We.


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LP, black vinyl, limited edition of +/- 250 copies

Treue um Treue are happy to present the debut album and first ever release by AME DE BOUE, the solo project of Dasz, one of the two men-behind-the-machines in the Franco-Belgian outfit DOLINA. If the family resemblance cannot be denied – especially in the nag for sweeping, synth-driven cold-wave anthems – AME DE BOUE’s music is also more personal and intimate, with a raw edge and an urgency which command the listener’s emotional involvement on each track, from the dance-floor orientated electro songs to the eerie Third Wave ballads and the more introspective, angst-laden waltzes. A distant sense of threat and a definite claustrophobic mood pervade the album, relieved here and there by touches of black humour, echoes of 80s New Wave and electro-punk surges. Welcome to the Saturday night’s ball on the isolation ward!


10”, white vinyl,  limited edition of +/- 200 copies

STRAHLENZENTRUM was started in 2007 as a minimal electro side-project of N.STRAHL.N, the post-industrial outfit by prolific German sound-artist M. W. Löhr. After a self-titled debut on Tosom and a second album on Licht und Stahl, both in very limited CDR/tape editions, “Zentralautomantik” is the project’s third opus and very first appearance on vinyl. Featuring four brand new pieces and two tracks from the former album “Zentralebene” remixed by WERMUT, this mini-LP is inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s dark romantic tale “The Sandman”, whose man/machine motif finds a new sonic expression in STRAHLENZENTRUM’s very own brand of cold, sparse and hypnotic electronics. Rhythmic analogue patterns between early industrial and late Third Wave slowly build up into repetitive, trance-inducing instrumental compositions, somehow calling to mind Indian ragas, like the reflection of divine and human wisdom in a machine’s mind.


3xMC box set
(3x C90 professional audio tapes in album-case + extras)
limited edition of 50 copies

Operator X and Vlad 3000 have been making music in almost complete anonymity for the past 14 years with only one credo: uncompromised dedication to the monotony and simplicity of loops and frequencies. Inspired by the obscure soundtracks of 70s and 80s zombie and post-nuke flicks, the duo blends minimal analogue noise-loops, distorted radio waves and tape manipulation to give shape to their endless eschatological obsessions in best DIY fashion, and with a straightforwardness that many bands have claimed, but few really abide by. Reue um Reue is happy to present their long-overdue first official release, a selection of pieces spanning the past decade. 270 minutes of apocalyptic live home-recordings, only for the die-hard!

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