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03-01-2012, 22:58 | Michael We.

5 neue Releases auf NEUROPA, darunter DIJ

NEUROPA hat fünf neue Veröffentlichungen angekündigt, darunter diverse 'special editions' von "The Cathedral Of Tears" von DEATH IN JUNE aus dem Jahr 1991.

Death In June - The Cathedral Of Tears - 2xLP (NER/Neuropa)
Toroidh & Arditi - United In Blood - cd (Neuropa)
Roses Never Fade - s/t - 7" EP (Neuropa)
Alfa Obscura - Plutonian Shores - cd (Adversum)
Nidingr - Wolf-Father - 12" (Jester)

Death In June - The Cathedral Of Tears - 2x12"
NER/Neuropa Records - BAD VC34/NRP33

As a continuing part of the 30th Anniversary Celebrations of the foundation of Death In June, ‘The Cathedral Of Tears’ compilation album, originally issued in 1991, is now released on vinyl for the first time as a limited edition double 12″ LP. This also denotes a double celebration marking 20 years since its initial release! A limited mailorder edition is available exclusively through our webshop.

Mailorder price: 25 euros (2xLP) - 35 euros (2xLP+7" pic. disc)

Toroidh & Arditi - United In Blood - CD
Neuropa Records - NRP13

Nordvargr's ominous Toroidh joins forces with Arditi, the bastard child of Puissance. Together, these Swedish powerhouses bring us a masterpiece of bombastic orchestral mayhem. Sheer beauty and brutality! Repress in digi-sleeve with new artwork.

Mailorder price: 13 euros

Roses Never Fade - s/t - 7" EP
Neuropa Records - NRP32

Roses Never Fade return from a lengthy break to reintroduce themselves to fans old and new. Keeping with the flavor of their full-length debut 'Fade To Black' , RNF return with 3 hauntingly delicious songs. Fans of Ancient VVisdom will be delighted to discover that frontman Nathan Opposition (ex-Integrity) has joined as the bands new and powerful ...voice. He came to Roses Never Fade with lyrics and the perfect sound, almost if he were meant for the project.
Founding members Nick Brewer and Matt Shack return here on guitar, and are still bringing layered acoustic music to another level. This three song powerhouse accomplishes two things: introducing old fans to Nathan Opposition and also whets the appetite for the new RNF full-length that has been in the works for sometime. RNF is happy to return to Neuropa with this 3 song EP. Play loud, and in the dark. 250 copies on black vinyl, 125 on white vinyl and 75 on grey vinyl.

Mailorder price: 8 (black) - 9 (white) - 10 (grey) euros

Alfa Obscura - Plutonian Shores - CD
Adversum - AV004

Adversum is proud to announce the arrival of Alfa Obscura. Plutonian Shores is a collection of ferocious tracks forged from the weirder side of Norwegian Metal tradition and the obscure grandeur of nineties Black Metal. As unforgiving as a panic attack this album is chiseled from cold, dissonant guitar work. CD packed in stylish custom-made spot-varnished booklet.

Mailorder price: 12 euros

Nidingr - Wolf-Father - 12"
Jester - TRICK045

Norwegian Nidingr return after a 5 year hiatus with their second album entitled "Wolf-Father", a theme-album based on Norse mythology. Nidingr already enjoys an elevated status among metal connoisseurs and this new release will certainly confirm all of that, and then some. Nidingr's mainman is Teloch whose many undertakings include Gorgoroth, Or...custus, 1349, Umoral, etc.
This disc has six metal tracks of the highest standard. No wonder that Garm (Ulver) decided to make this the first black metal release on his very own Jester Records. Spearheaded by former member of 1349 & Gorgoroth and featuring Hellhammer (Mayhem) on drums / Garm (Ulver) on guest vocals. 175 copies on black vinyl, 175 copies on white vinyl and 75 copies on grey vinyl.

Mailorder price: 9 (black) - 10 (white) - 12 (grey) euros

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