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10-08-2011, 11:19 | Michael We.


"Burn Brightly Alone", das neue Album von CADAVEROUS CONDITION, ist ab sofort über STEINKLANG zu erhalten. (Mehr über die Band unter anderem in dieser Besprechung.) Aus der Labelinfo:

2 new Cadaverous Condition songs plus one coverversion (The Decemberists: We Both Go DownTogether)

New CC studioalbum after 5 years (CD To The Night Sky was released in 2006). This album covers (again) a wide variety of extreme music, from heavy Death Doom songs like "Ghost" and "Shine Unseen, Then Disappear"  to straighter Death Rockers like "Driftwood" and "Use Your Blood". Acoustic guitar based Death Folk material ("Into My River", "The Small Roads Out Of Town" or the melancholic "Wicklow Nightfall") and old school stuff like "Order Of The Forlorn", "Alone I Will Travel In Time Tonight" to Death Metal with weird twists and turns like the torch song piano intro (played by THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION's Tobias Nathaniel) of  "We Knew They Were Coming", haunting musical saw sounds or the sad but redemptive last track from the album: "Deathless".

Not to forget the rather catchy THE DECEMBERISTS coverversion of "We Both Go Down Together" featuring haunting additional vocals by psychedelic Pop songwriter Mark Breyer (SKOOSHNY).

featuring guest appearances from: Mark Breyer (Skooshny, Son Of Skooshny): vocals
Tobias Nathaniel (The Black Heart Procession): piano
Andrew Liles (Current 93, Nurse With Wound): sounds
Paul Beauchamp (Blind Cave Salamander, Nurse With Wound): saw

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