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26-04-2011, 20:12 | Tony F.


Folgende Neuigkeiten wurden von PATRICK LEAGAS verbreitet (Auszüge):

"Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

I would like to thank those of you who have supported my musical endeavors and those of my generation & peers in post punk /industrial music genres.

In 1997 after a very long absence from music I released the Headless - Let the moon speak double album and since that time I have performed live shows on nine occasions including the two performances with Freya Aswynn. This is in fact the total amount of 6comm shows performed in its 26 year history. I do not include the concerts by Mother Destruction during the mid 1990's.

I have been very lucky to have enjoyed a fan base and interest especially during the 1980's well beyond my effort in releasing and promotion of which I was never an adept. After a couple of decades receiving invitations to perform live I am finally happy that I did so in the last few years and hope that I have been able to deliver some of the better known songs in an acceptable manner. I thank very much those of you who have attended and shown such enthusiasm.

As you know I have already decided over a year ago to close the project finally.I have now also cancelled the planned last album HEXAD. Its seems pointless to deliver an album into which I do not feel that my heart and soul would be.

I shall be doing my last 6comm show in June in my current home town of London and I hope some of you will attend. I shall be joined by Sol Invictus , Joy of Life & While Angels Watch, shall we say the Vanguard of a certain genre of music.

This will probably be the last show of this kind in London & the UK. Also it may be the last time that two original members of Death in June will appear on stage under their original guises, though who knows what the future may bring upon us. It has been asked whether all three members of DIJ will either appear in June or work together again in future, the definite answer is negative. I did make an appearance with Douglas P. at the ElectroWerkz several years ago so that homage has been already made.

To answer questions regarding Schrage Music, yes I can definitely say that this album will be released as and when it is complete.

Farewell for now and please do speak to me in June if you have any questions or requests.

Thanks !"

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