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22-04-2011, 07:04 | Michael We.

MENACE RUINE-Album jetzt als LP

Album von MENACE RUINE neu aufgelegt: "Union Of Irreconcilables" (NONPOP-Besprechung) jetzt als Doppel-LP! Pressetext von AURORA BOREALIS:

The long awaited deluxe vinyl edition. 180g black vinyl double LP, heavyweight matte gatefold and black inner bags packed in a deluxe heavyweight PVC outer bag with flap. Edition of 500. Entitled "Union Of Irreconcilables" the album builds on their previous Great Work, the alchemical collision of Black Metal, walls of noise, mysticism, martial rhythms, and a Medieval affinity for melody leaving the listener with a sense of unforgettable originality.
Begun in 2006, MENACE RUINE have always followed their own path, combining unusual elements and vocal styles in an effort to capture their unique musical vision. The evolution of the band's style and sound has been a constant throughout their three previous releases including 2008s "The Die Is Cast" (ALIEN8) with GENEVIEVEs powerful vocal performance coming to the fore. All artwork designed by the band. The vinyl version really does justice to this amazing record.

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