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02-12-2010, 20:38 | Michael We.

Livealbum & Radiosession von B'EE (IN GOWAN RING)

Aus dem Newsletter von B'EE / IN GOWAN RING

First matter of importance would be the imminent release of a Limited Live Album:

(Follow LINK here for info/order: http://www.ingowanring.com/SongsToTheSun )
... In the throes of midsummer I played a rare concert in the small town where I've been habitating more on than off in the last years.  An Artist friend of mine (Darren Orange) had installed himself in his own gallery for a time and it was a fitting moment and place for to hold an event for “the Dog Days of Summer”.   Just me and an acoustic guitar (or on occasion an electric guitar or sitar banjo…), this evening was recorded direct from my ambiently placed sound support microphone yielding a clear, natural sound.  The other month, someone reminded me of this recording and suggested I make copies, and so I decided to collect it together with a local radio show I did around the same time and some of Darren's Artwork (***) on the cover and  get it done before the year ends: so here we are, approaching years end! (depending on what calendar you follow…) and I have in time for the coldest days, a memento from the warmest…

The Radio show is a basically unedited running of the show “Crop Circle” with DJ Buddy Crop on KMUN 91.3fm, Astoria, OR where I was the guest musician and took over as DJ for a bit on Thursday  July 15th – it runs about an hour and includes live on air versions of some songs new & old as well as some preview mixes of recent recordings (new songs) that will not be found elsewhere …interspersed with obligatory radio announcements & the embarrassing radiobabble that is wont to besiege one on these occasions (let's just say it was casual…).  This second cd is considered a “supplement” or a “bonus gift” to my friends here who are ordering the live cd; and warning is hereby given that you might have to sift through the clutter for the gems (they're there though). The Two CDs are only available together in a limited edition of 49 copies; to order now here use this webpage: http://www.ingowanring.com/SongsToTheSun or simply send 25$ (in USA) or 25 Euro (rest of world) by paypal to b(at)ingowanring(dot)com.  Other payment arrangements are of course available – just write us to work something out.)    I intend to ship these out by December 13th which MAY or MAY NOT be in time for you to receive them before Mammon begins her reign on earth (or has it already begun?) but in any case I'm afraid in this turbulent postal season I can not make any promises as to if you will receive them in time to use as offerings to Mammon (if that be so you're desire) though there IS a chance it would come off fine…

The Birch Book's live session for Planet Claire / Aligre 93.1 FM (French Radio) from last spring while on tour with Lisa O Piu is now available on the Planet Claire web site:  http://www.planet-claire.org/Birchbook/  - Non, je ne pensais pas être parti depuis si longtemps…

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