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04-11-2010, 18:56 | Michael We.


Aus dem aktuellen Newsletter von AURORA BOREALIS:

We are proud to announce the release of our first two tapes, both highly limited and available in the webshop now! The HAXAN CLOAK release 'Observatory'. Consisting of two new non-album tracks the tape is limited to just 31 copies. Sublime synth-based sounds for astral travel. The BURIAL HEX tape is a thing of dark wonder. Clocking in at album length, the tape has two unreleased tracks from after the 'Initiations' recordings. Truly some of his best works and limited to just 50.

Zu den einzelnen Tapes im AB-Webshop:

'A night with two moons' tape

Genre:modern composition/noise/ritual
An album length release consisting of two tracks from shortly after the 'Initiations' period and presaging the move into new territories.

The first track is 'A night with two moons' and develops many of the themes from 'Initiations' with low pulsing, static and hum, but with the addition of deranged church organ recitals that rise and fall along with whispered/buried vocals. The last 7 minutes or so develop a rolling synth motif, taking the track to the conclusion of its 18:57 journey.

'Sede vacante' clocks in at 22:08 and begins with obscure choral samples swathed in field recordings and a ceremonial or processional air about it. This track is much more unsettling with fx drenched sermons, choirs and barking dogs interrupting the nameless service in worship of who knows or dares to dream... I really think this is one of the best things BURIAL HEX has ever produced.
ABC02. Tape with case and inlay, limited to 50.

'Observatory' tape

Genre:modern composition/noise/ritual
A taster of sorts for the forthcoming album, these two tracks showcase the remarkable talents of the HAXAN CLOAK. 'Observatory' comes on like 80's Industrial with a pounding beat followed by a hypnotic synth refrain whih builds and builds, layers overlapping and contrasting before they finally disolve into the aether.

'Hounfour' is a slower beast, once again with layers of synth building though this time in a more hallucinatory and psychedelic way as audio trails into audio leaving the listener with a sense of wonder. Amazing stuff. Total play time for the tape is 15:12. ABC01. Tape with case and inlay, limited to 31.

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