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Das geliebte Headpress hat den Anschluss an die moderne Welt gefunden und bietet jetzt Knickern, Armen und Bedürftigen auch eine Online-Version. Von der Print-Version gibt es nur 250 Exemplare - ranhalten!


Welcome to the new HEADPRESS journal, the first to appear in a digital format as well as a collector edition.

It’s been a long interesting journey since HEADPRESS 1 back in 1991. The technology of the day was cut and paste. Computers arrived shortly afterwards in the form of a clunky system from a fly geezer on Stockport market. HEADPRESS 6 in 1993 was the first edition made using a computer. The whopping 3kb hard drive was impressive for the time but barely enough to choke a modern cat. Google, eBay, the off switch and GWAR all came later. Almost twenty years since passing ‘GO’ Headpress remains smug at the forefront of yet another print revolution.

HEADPRESS is proud to announce its leap into the digital age with the launch of its infamous flagship quarterly, the HEADPRESS journal, both online as a FREE EZINE and also a COLLECTOR EDITION full colour hardback.

Containing the same cutting edge, provocative brain-bending content of yesteryear, Headpress is now accessible to the masses. Anyone, anytime, anywhere...

To commemorate each quarterly edition, and not being one to neglect our publishing roots, the ezine will be accompanied by a collector edition hardcopy available for purchase nowhere else but here through this website.

Each collector edition contains exclusive content not available online plus facsimile pages from the original out of print Headpress journal, starting with No 1 and running consecutively thereafter.


* Fred West Home Improvements
The Lighter Side Of Serial Killing by David Kerekes
* Only the Sky Remains Uncorrupted
A Visit to the Castle De Sade with Martin Jones
* Mixtape: Analogue NOW!
by Joe Scott Wilson
* Ghostmonger! The Wholly Serious History Of Fake Ghosts as Witnessed by a 1930s Comic Genius by Jennifer Wallis
* Project Mogwai
Four paintings by Rik Rawling

Exclusive to this collector edition

* Unrepentant: dead pornstar Jamie Gillis
exhaustive interview by Calum Waddell
* Facsimile pages from the very first edition of Headpress
Vol 1 No 1 (Spring 1991)

Headpress 2.1
Editor: David Kerekes

Format: Hardback

Headpress.com Price: £10.00

Individually stamped & numbered
Beautiful full colour hardback collector edition
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